Black Metal Skeleton Witch Corpse Paint Girl [GIF Animation]




Art Direction + Photography + Animation: Bryan Barnes
Model + Muse + Witch: Amanda
Shot in Los Angeles, 2014

Black Metal Skeleton Witch Corpse Paint Girl [GIF Animation] was a single photo I shot in Spring 2014 in the Los Angeles downtown fashion district area with my Canon SLR incorporating my model-muse Amanda’s corpse makeup created on an animation loop.

The black metal corpse paint is inspired from the Norwegian Black Metal scene from the early 1990’s with the art direction done with the concept by having the “corpse girl” further “infected” by the mainstream.

……any WITCH way you look at it, I love True Norwegian Black Metal.

PLEASE NOTE: I’d like to mention that the photo and animation is NOT to feature an unartistic stereotypical  blatantly inauthentic black metal “babe” or “black metal barbie”. My sole intention to show great admiration stylistic into my own creative works. I not only highly respect the underground and Black Metal scene, play in a black metal band, have a European heritage [in case you’re wondering with my towering 6’8″ height and long hair] and incorporate the love of the genre [bands, history, culture/etc.] stylistic into my own art and photography works.

I fully RESPECT the black metal scene and in no way look to caricature on a stylized black metal and/or corpse paint aesthetics that have I’ve been created to be perfectly honest, VERY poorly within the last couple years by certain “fashion photographers, low-brow artists and action sport surf-skateboard apparel t-shirt graphics” with NO clear understanding, respect or value to the black metal genre, but rather for “them” to solely cash in or capitalize for a cheap buck.


Bryan Barnes

[Fine Artist + Art Director + Avant-garde Photographer + Filmmaker + Musician]

I have exhibited my artwork in major fine art galleries alongside such notable artists: HR Giger [Aliens, Prometheus film fame], Clive Barker and Joel-Peter Witkin.

Expanded major entertainment brands Disney, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Hasbro-Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures creating new brand identity, costume apparel artwork, retail merchandising [sold in Target, Walmart, etc.] and packaging for major blockbuster Hollywood movies and entertainment brands.

Hollywood major blockbuster film projects including:

• Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures IRON MAN 3

• Marvel Entertainment-Columbia Pictures THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN [2012]

• Pixar Animation Studios-Walt Disney Picture TOY STORY 3

• Pixar Animation Studios-Walt Disney Picture CARS 2

• Disney Pirates of the Caribbean (film series)

• Walt Disney Pictures ALICE IN WONDERLAND directed by Tim Burton

• Paramount Pictures Transformers: Dark of the Moon [or simply Transformers 3]

• Sony Pictures The Amazing Spider-Man


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